Vincent van Gogh
     Mirrored in
     the Stars

    Searching for Astrological Traces in the Painter’s Life.
    An Exploration for Friends of Astrology and Others Interested in this Interpretive Art.




All about Vincent van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh Mirrored in the Stars

    Summer 1890:
    The artist stands in front of his easel and paints Daubignys Garden in Auvers-sur-Oise. He seems to be immersed in his work, but shadows already loom over his final sanctuary. Van Gogh was to put an end to his life only a few weeks later. These facts are generally known and there is ample literature on the artist, his life in poverty, and the alleged insanity with which he was afflicted towards the end of his life.

    So what new aspects can be presented on the man about whom so much has been written?

    At least not a new biography! The book presented here sticks, of course, to the well-founded facts and figures that have been gathered on the life and times of the world-famous artist. However, in combination with the age-old study of astrology they are interpreted from a different perspective. This book is mainly intended for the many friends the painter has found all over the world through the works he bequeathed to posterity. As knowledge of the art of astrology is not a discipline that can be acquired at the institutions of learning that offer general education, the book also serves as an introduction and presentation of an age-old theory that is practised and respected by many people again today. It goes without saying that it is also worth reading for those more familiar with astrology! Know Yourself was the inscription once emblazoned on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. This watchword essentially describes the objective of the revived theory of the relationship between humankind and the secrets of the cosmos. With its help, modern man can also gain insights into interrelationships that are not explained in this way by any other discipline.

    The book is written in the German language. Interested publishers are requested to contact the following E-Mail-Address:

    Other persons interested can currently acquire the book in DIN A 4 format.
    Probably at a price of approximately 40 € + delivery costs.

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